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Dear Parent,

MOMO challenge game: What parents need to know

We all know the hazards of online game called “the Momo challenge”, which started on Facebook where members are “challenged” to communicate with unknown numbers. It went viral on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp. The MOMO challenge consists of a variety of self harming dares which becomes increasingly risky as game progresses. Its targeting young adults and encouraging them to harm themselves.

In view of this, you’re advised to monitor internet usage and apps downloaded by your ward. You’re also requested to supervise and monitor all the online activities of your ward. You are therefore requested to counsel children in case they are inquisitive about the game and watch out for any abnormal behavior which could be linked to “MOMO Challenge”.

Look out for following Signs & Symptoms:

• Becoming withdrawn from friends & family.

• Persistent low mood & unhappiness.

• Looking worried that stops him/her from carrying out day to day tasks.

• Sudden outbursts of anger directed at themselves or others.

• Loss of interest in activities that they used to enjoy.

• Visible marks like deep cuts or wounds on any parts of the body of the child.

What to Do:

• Interact closely with the child.

• Keep watch on his movements.

• Spend quality time with the child.

• If it’s serious, take help of a professional counselor.

• Keep a watch on the browsing history of the child.

• Put parental controls by installing Apps & sync the child’s email/social media accounts with your phone or PC.

Thanks & regards,

Shikha Sharma

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