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Dear Parents, 30.11.2018

Children these days have to carry the brunt of heavy bags to school. To reduce their burden, we have some suggestions for you:

• Ensure that the bag weight (excluding books & notes book) is less.

• It is advisable that your child shares his books with the child who sits with him. If your child brings the English book, his partner can bring the Maths book, it can be decided between them as to who is going to bring which book.

• Parents can also keep the books at home for their reference except English and Hindi literature books, as they are helpful for improving the reading skills of the students during class room session.

• Books related to General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Computer and Life Skill will be kept in school till class V. Students of other classes can keep it at home.

We hope that the above suggestions will help in curtailing the burden of our students to some extent.


Shikha Sharma

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