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Guidelines for Safe and Effective

Use of Internet and Digital Technologies

Dear Parents,

The potential of Information technology as a valuable learning resource is immense. However, if children use the internet without safety awareness, they may fall prey to illegal activity or abuse such as cyber bullying, fraud or something even more serious. Hence, awareness of internet safety norms is absolutely indispensable to make children free to explore knowledge without feeling intimidated.

At home you need to promote a safe and secure educational environment to discourage your ward to make use of internet, specially the social networking sites. You are, thus, advised to take the following measures:

  • Educate your(s) ward for the safe and effective use of the Internet.
  • Make them explicitly aware of the rules for the acceptable use of the Internet and display these rules in this regard prominently in their room.
  • At home keep the computer at a central place, where it’s easy to monitor its use.
  • Supervise and monitor all the online activities in the light of educational objectives.
  • Do not allow them to create accounts for any social networking site.
  • Make sure they are not using mobile phones single handed.

It is further informed that carrying electronic communication devices including those that can store/record/play audio-visual content; transmit or receive images; or provide unfiltered connection to the Internet such as iPods, DVD/CD players, game consoles, smart phones, laptops, tablet, smart watch or any other gadget with similar capabilities of data storage / transmission is not permitted in school. 

Parents are requested to follow above guidelines strictly to preclude exploitation of children. 

Thanks & regards,

Shikha Sharma


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