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Air Pollution

Advisory for Parent

Please note that due to the high pollution levels/ unfavourable weather conditions in the city, we have stopped outdoor activities.

You are also advised to take care of the following :

  • Make sure that your ward’s complete body is covered, as much as possible and suggest them to breathe through a wet handkerchief and wear a mask.
  • You are advised to reduce their outdoor physical exertion, and to reduce the time of staying outside, especially in areas with heavy traffic.
  • Dietary Changes: To protect them, foods that are rich in antioxidant should be given adequately. These include all the fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C.
  • Room temperature lime water as soon as your ward get back from school and drinking plenty of water through out the day would be a good idea.

Shikha Sharma                                      


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