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Dear Parents,                                                                                                                  

With the State Assembly Elections round the corner, it becomes pertinent that we explain the importance of such elections to our children in our democratic country wherein the role of citizens becomes extremely important.  

As democracy is government by the people, all the adult citizens of a country have the right to vote. It also means that all citizens are free to express their opinion in public and can freely criticize the government if they feel it is not discharging its duties properly. But why let this chance come when we have the string in our hands? We must vote for the right candidate. For this, we have to be aware of our rights and know what we should expect from our elected representatives.

Though the Election Commission ensures free and fair elections, it is we also who need to be fair in our selection of the candidate / party. As per the election law also, no party or candidate can ask for votes in the name of caste, creed or religion. As a responsible citizen of our country, we must follow this rule and vote without being influenced by any caste, colour, creed or any discrimination.  For this reason, it is important to acquire knowledge about current events and policy making rather than going on the basis of what others say or on caste, creed or religion. Let us also be careful and not get attracted by any kind of enticement, be it liquor, money or bribe in any form.

The school has also made some of our students the messengers who will go to various places of their vicinity and create awareness regarding this election law.

Let us join hand in hand to form a government of our own choice and take the resolution to vote for the right candidate. We are also enclosing the ‘Letter of Resolution for Voter’ as received by the D.M., Gautam Budh Nagar. Kindly fill it and return it the next day to school with your child.

We seek co-operation from you in this regard.

Thanks & Regards 

Shikha Sharma


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